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Book Of Life

Rigged several characters for the feature Book of Life, and developed the “sausage lips” technology that was used on several character types.


Rigging Supervisor on the film, rigged several characters.

Tweety and Sylvester Short

Rigging and Rigging Supervisor on all Looney shorts

Looney Tunes VES Submission

Looney Tunes Smears

Daffy’s Rhapsody

I’m back!

apparently the site has been down due to hackers. will be restoring the portfolio site soon.  if you need me, shoot me an email.  josh @ cgjosh .com


Spent 2 weeks in the Czech Republic teaching an advanced rigging course. Prior to the course, an online course was created with Rigging Dojo to work on the rigs for a short film that was going to be animated during the animation courses at Anomalia. I rigged the snail for the short and used several […]

Kung Fu Panda work

Rigging and Rigging Supervisor work on KFP commercial spots and The Secrets of the Furious Five DVD

Madagascar 2 CP work

Supervised rigging on Madagascar 2 commercial work. Rigged Alex, created several rig modules for the new characters (giraffe neck, zebra leg/arm, penguin arms)


Rigged “Happy” for a marketing firm in Europe, which ended up using it for a bunch of different commercials for McDonalds.  

Nexus Surround Sound

Freelance work for   Rigged the girl and swing

Santa’s New Sleigh

Freelance work for Rigged Santa, the engineers, and the sleigh.  


Rigged the round Punchies characters for  

Ken and Zai – Toyota

Freelance rigging for a Toyota commercial, rigged both characters.  


Concept piece for the Firebreather property. Rigged the character. Firebreather Whole Short


Assisted Kyle Wood with supervising rigging on this project. It was a concept/test piece for DIS.  Helped with rigging a few items and solved the eyelid rig for these characters.   planes_comp